I saw these caps on-line and thought they would be great for me since I work shift work and am often tired when I grab for my medications. There were a few times I took the wrong medications since my bottles all look the same when I am tired. I put yellow caps on the medications I take before work, blue caps on the medications I take in the evening and green caps on the medications I do not take regularly. Since using the caps I have not mixed up my medications. I use them only for colour but the symbols are cool.
Christopher Cullen, Harrow ON

I take care of my elderly mother-in-law and sometimes keeping her medications along with my husbands and myself straight can be a challenge. I saw these caps and was excited. I use them a little different but they work. I use two caps per bottle, one directly on the lid and one on the bottom. I designated a colour to each of us; this goes on the bottom so we know whose medication is who. On the lid I use the cap the way it is suppose to be used. It makes things so much easier. Thank you Rx-medify
Jan Tipton, Tacoma WA

I am a pharmacist in Michigan and think this product is really helpful for visually impaired people or anyone who likes colour. I have suggested this product to several of my patients that were having difficulty identifying their medications because the labels were hard to read. This is a great product and I believe it will help reduce medication errors.
Stephen Kaleugher Pharm.D.

I have been using RX-MEDIFY for over a year now and love this product. The textures make it easy to grab the correct bottle, even at 5am in the dark. I especially love the added grip they give, making it easier to open the lid. My RX-MEDIFY caps are still in perfect condition, they haven't worn or broken down despite being used daily over the last year.
Tina D., Windsor Ontario